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Isla Landscapes was formed in 1994 and since then, through hard work and sympathetic use of local materials such as volcanic stone and driftwood, it has transformed countless properties. We have a varied portfolio of satisfied clients, from private homeowners to large complexes – each garden is afforded the same care and attention.

Specialists in creative landscaping, design and construction

Our services include:
Garden design
Construction and maintenance
Volcanic rockeries
Stone cladding
Paved garden paths
Aquatic features
Irrigation systems
Pruning and ground clearance
Topsoil and picón delivered
Property maintenance
Painting and staining
Building BBQs
Pool cleaning
Electrical installations
Expertise & experience
Planning a garden is a job for experts, and over the years Isla Landscapes has been responsible for some of Lanzarote’s most beautiful and original green spaces. Most of the gardens on the island are a fairly uniform combination of black picon gravel, whitewashed surfaces and volcanic rock. But Isla Landscapes’ founders, Gary and Julie Campbell, realised that in an enclosed area you can let your imagination run riot. His gardens feature attractive bark-covered beds, old railway sleepers (which double as barriers and benches), dried grapevines for dramatic decorative effects, beautiful stone walkways and numerous items of recovered flotsam from the seashore – amongst many other items.

This is only the beginning; once the garden has been planned and laid out, Gary’s extensive knowledge of plants comes into play as he creates beautiful combinations of trees and plants, for example combining the greens of local cacti and succulents with splashes of fiery orange russalia, cheerful blue convolvulus and a whole palette of other colours.

A garden is a full-time commitment, which is why Isla Landscapes’ maintenance work is an integral part of their service. Once your garden has been finished, they’ll keep a regular eye on it and do all those jobs which it needs to remain in the finest condition so you can enjoy your own private paradise 365 days a year.

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